Ever wonder how you give more than 100%?

This video was shared with me by a friend of mine…just wanted to shoot it out there…mathematics proves what knowledge, hardwork and God can do for a person!


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Bulk Trading – Pack Some Anti-Venom

I’m sure you are hearing a lot about bulk REO trading if you are currently in the real estate industry.  It seems that everyone is waking up and taking notice of this niche the more foreclosures come back to the bank.

First thing you need to be aware of — there are some very basic things that a new person wanting to break into this business needs to cautious of;

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Cupid, Candy and Corpses: The Tale of the SMC…

Happy Valentine’s Day!

The first “Spooky Spots” segment is quite fitting for St. Valentine’s Day as we examine the SMC Cartage Co. building in Chicago.

Property:    The SMC Cartage Co.

Location:    2122 N. Clark St.  Chicago   (in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of the North Side)

BACKSTORY:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           We all know that in the ’20′s Chicago was famous for it’s gangster activities with Al Capone as it’s Crown Prince.  Capone mostly dealt in the lucrative bootlegging business and his fiercest competition was Bugs Moran.  Capone ran the Italian outfit on the South Side of Chicago, while Bugs Moran led the Irish outfit to the North.   By the time Capone was incarcerated for tax evasion in 1931, there were over 500 gangster related deaths in the Chicagoland area.  But that would all be overshadowed by 7 deaths on St. Valentine’s Day in 1929.

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Shadow Dancing

Park Place Wishes and Caviar Dreams

Deal DeCoder – Found In All Boxes of Ask Annie!

What the souped up Realtor descriptions REALLY mean!

When They Say…       —————-        It REALLY means…

Has Potential              =          WOOF!  You can hear this barking a mile away

Lovingly Cared For           =          Decorated in Early American Old Lady

Meticulously Maintained   =       Built in 1955 and not changed since

            Cozy                         =          The dimensions of a refrigerator box

Charming Cape Cod           =        Prepare to view the world at a 45 degree angle

Just Listed                   =           For the 6th time

Highly Desirable              =           Floorplan of the Winchester Mansion

Stay Tuned for the next edition of Ask Annie’s Deal DeCoder!

Found in every box of Ask Annie!

Amaze your friends! Save time on unnecessary showings! Battle the Lemons! Found in every box of Ask Annie!

Livin’ The Goal Life!

Smokey and the Bandit Signs

Inherited A House, Now What?

And now an “Ask Annie” question straight out of the mailbag!

I am about to inherit a house, would it make more sense to sell it to “ugly house” buyers or should my fiance and I attempt to fix it up ourselves and try to sell it with a real estate agent? We live in Houston and the home market hasn’t dropped quite as badly here as it did in other areas. But my friends parents live not to far from the house and are having a hard time selling it. Any advice will be appreciated and I really could use it! Thanks Ann!  -Troubled in Texas

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What Stinks In Here?