What’s A Contorno?


About Ann Contorno

A professional real estate investor for over 8 years, Ann enjoys helping newbie investors and mentoring them on the road to financial freedom.  Ann has experience in all aspects and strategies of real estate investing from wholesaling to buy and hold and everything in between. 

Her unique outlook on business and intra-personal relationships makes her approach and techniques shine above the herd and has ushered in nothing but growing success. 

Currently, Ann is working on an educational series/program based on her success and experiences in the wild world of real estate investing.

She splits her time between Chicago and San Diego and enjoys traveling the globe, white wine and every moment spent with great family and friends.

One of Ann Contorno’s biggest beliefs is that no matter how successful or confident you are, you should always engage in more education.  She loves attending real estate conferences so keep your eyes peeled at the next big event!   Be sure to say hello when you spot her.